Day Eleven- Focus

Super busy day today.  I’m leaving for Florida this coming Friday.  I’ve got tons to do to get ready for that. On top of that I’m getting my cousin’s prom dress ready for its fabric fitting tomorrow and cooked dinner for family that came over today. So much to do! Nice thing about today, it … More Day Eleven- Focus

Day Ten- Boosts!

One of the most fascinating thing for me about Zilis is that it not only has CBD oil, it has a line of nutritional boosts as well.  These are non CBD products formulated to deal with various issues a person might have. Burn- There has been a lot of positive feedback on this one.  It’s … More Day Ten- Boosts!

Day Six- Pistachios

I couldn’t think of a single word to name today’s blog.  I am presently eating pistachios and they are delicious.  I was supposed to go to the chiropractor yesterday.  The office was terrible.  They told me they accepted my insurance and then tried to get me to pay out of pocket for everything.  I walked … More Day Six- Pistachios